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Happy New Year! Here’s a new look to time management!

Happy New Year everyone!! happy-new-year-around-the-world-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb

You would think with the holidays over, we’d be able to breathe and moment to relax!  However, not to be the case.   There is a lot going on!!   Time management is the focus again this month.  CTMH has created special PML cards to use with the Planner!!  I’ve created some classes to have to decorate your pages each month.  We are a tad behind as I’d like to be a month ahead but the release of the planner prevented this.  I’m going to try and catch us up.   Here are the PML cards:


I’d even recommend getting a 2nd set of PML cards because of the scrapbooking class I’m going to offer!!  At the classes, we’ll decorate the pages for the month on varied themes. My goal is for you to have a treasure that will reflect your life in a very different way by the time we get to the end of the year!

Jan Everyday Life class collage wm Collage

February Everyday Life Class wmCollage

Have not got a planner yet?  Here is a special (and if you’ve ordered some of it in December, you can order the January class supplies and still get your free binder!)

Everyday Life class wm Collage

On Feb 6, 2016, from 3pm to 9:00 pm we are going to do this class, Fundamental 14.  The cost is $55.00.  We will be creating 7 layouts plus cards.  My friend Susan created this amazing class!!  You will pay me directly (all payments must be received prior to me placing the order for supplies – January 18th).  I have purchased the directions ad releases from her and when you pay me the class fee which is 100% supplies to make the below, you’ll receive the cutting guide and directions for FREE.  This offer is exclusively through me.   Isn’t this beautiful??  I only have room for 7 people.   You will need to bring your basic supplies.   It will be held at my house.  If we have a large enough interest, I’ll look for a large venue!

Fundamental 14 workshop

Check out my class page to get more information!

It’s CROP Season again so check out my calendar for this information!!

I’m looking for a few (or as many as want to join) good ladies who are interested in supporting their habit, oops, hobby, with CTMH!!  Join my team in January 2016 and get this awesome New Consultant Kit full of wonderful supplies from the new Seasonal Expressions!!  Always buy your products at a discount!!  If you place your first $300.00 in orders in your first 30 days, I’ll buy you the new planner (binder, the pages, and roller stamp) for FREE!


On the Perfectly Posh front.

…here are some great things!  Sign up for your Posh Perks!  It’s seriously a great deal.  I bought Christmas presents for all the men in the family and ended up getting my face care for FREE through the Posh Perks.  You simply can’t beat that.  Sign Up Now!  You’ll get an email that you need to respond to within 24 hours and you’ll get 250 perks for free!!!

Host a pampering party!  Who doesn’t want to have fun trying out different skin care products??  And not have to fight the crowds at the mall????  If you love Lush or Body shop, I promise you, you’ll love Posh!!  Call me to set up your show!!

Every week (and sometimes day), they have  product for sale! Today’s should bring a smile to your face


Join my team!  We all need quality products to use as does your family and friends….these are wonderful


You get that rocking hoodie (which I want badly!!) as well as this awesome special:


So come on over to the POSH side!!  My uplines are amazingly helpful and the FB team page rocks!!


WOW….way too much going on – LOL!!!!  Hope to see you soon!!