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New Workshops Your Way and Paper Packs

Workshops have a new look and name in this Seasonal Expressions, Workshops Your Way (WYW).  They will be add these new workshops to our existing Workshops On The Go (WOTG).

A WOTG looks like this:La Vie En Rose WOTG

A WYW looks like this:

Charlotte WYW april wm

This shows you how to use the cutting guides from the WYW, which are downloadable to your computer where you can choose to print them or not.  Either way you can store them on your computer forever!

New Seasonal Expression Paper Packs, they are new.  Instead of having 3 different patterns, it now has 6 patterned papers, double sided.  One of these pages is “PML ~ Picture My Life”.  These can be cut up for the titles, PML cards, or mats for photos!  There is no cardstock.  I love this change!!

New Paper Packs Charlotte

Enjoy our new paper packs and workshops.  Try one out today.  Don’t forget, you can earn something FREE:

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