How I Do Business

How I do business:

My customers have many different needs and I work my business to meet their needs through these various avenues:

1:1:  I meet with customers for 1:1 help for organization, digital picture organization, and classes.  Fees to be determined based on the needs.

Gatherings: Host a fun home gathering with your friends.  Have a theme (Let’s Party, Aloha, Chocolate, Fiesta for example), get together, learn about CTMH make a project (free), and have fun.  Who doesn’t love some girlfriend time?  Best of all, as the hostess, you earn free product through CTMH’s very generous hostess credit plan as well as getting some goodies from me!  Have as show over $450.00 and you could win a $100 FREE shopping spree!!

Classes or Workshops: Once a month I host a Workshop On The Go (WOTG) or Come and Play Card Buffet (CPCB) at my house.  There are costs associated with these events and they vary.

CropTastic Time: I host a monthly work/crop time which is free.  You can bring your projects to work on.  I’m working on my projects; We potluck or order food, or go out to eat.

Online Ordering:  Each month I offer a give away for those who place online orders over $50.00 IF the order is attached to the monthly online orders gathering (not being attached exempts you from this offer).  Order $100 or more in a quarter, when your order is attached to the monthly online order gathering, and you are entered into a drawing to win a $100 shopping spree!!  The key to these incentives is checking to be sure your order is attached to the monthly online order gathering.

Vendoring:  I vend at cropping events, large and small.  Check my calendar for all the different events!!


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