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Fun planner pages and now they are discounted

So this is the first time I’ve decorated planner pages with stamps, washi tape, and other stuff. While it’s still unfamiliar to me, I’m beginning to enjoy this.  Here are a few pictures of some of the pages I’ve done for January with the Charlotte Compliments and stamps!
Everyday Planner Collage Collage

Here’s a video from CTMH about the planners and using them.

To go with the planner, for January ONLY, are these beautiful, exclusive Picture My Life cards for $8.95 USD!  Whether you have a planner or not, these cards are a must because you can use them in pocket scrapbooking and on your classic scrapbooking as well!




Check this out:

And now the planner pages are 50% off! Amazing discount!!  Get yours today and get started!!50 off wm

Thanks for stopping by and join us on January 16th at 10 to plan your pages!