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CTMH Thin Cut Dies – worth it?

CTMH has released Thin Cut Dies (TCD) to match our stamp sets (yipee!).  I’ve been asked if they are really “worth it”.   I put together following to give you an idea of what you get when you purchase CTMH TCD vs other companies dies.  Almost all of the thin cut dies I get have matching stamp sets.

Here’s a picture of the thin cut dies.  One from one of my favorite companies and one from CTMH:


Here’s what you get for a basic TCD:

Reg TCD wm

Here’s what you get from a CTMH TCD:


Since they both come with matching stamp set, I did not compare this.  I may in the next to look at price points for the stamps.  I believe that there are some definite advantages to purchasing the TCDs from CTMH as the price point is excellent for what you get, you get the magnetic storage sheet and envelope (I actually put my dies into the same envelope as the stamps to keep them together – awesauce!), and you don’t have to cut them apart.  Here’s to hoping CTMH will continue to produce dies to match the stamp sets!!