Highlights of Oregon – Part 1

Highlights of Oregon – Part 1

Here are some highlights of the trip to Oregon so far.  More to come.  Such an amazing trip to see everyone.  It’s amazing how much the kids have grown.

Getting so much time at the beach was wonderful.  The South Coast of Oregon is really beautiful.  If one can take the time to drive Hwy 101 from California through Washington, you should.  The Pacific Coast offers so much between things to do and vistas to enjoy.

While I couldn’t catch up with everyone I’d have love to have seen, we had a nice get together at Sunset Beach

My friend Tracy and I, took the kids down to the West Coast Game Park and Devil’s Kitchen Beach in Bandon.

Another highlight is enjoying a wonderful dungeness crab.  It was amazing and a wonderful treat from my mother-in-law, Maureen.

Anyway, getting ready to start our trek back over to MD.  It’s been a wonderful three weeks, too short in some ways, and long in others (we miss our fur babies).  First stop will be a few days with my sister in Portland, OR.  =)

Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet and letting me take a little.  These are just a few highlights.  There’s a lot of scrapbooking in my future!!

Games To Play

Games to Play

More on this fun Travel Album!  This is the Travel Album workshop I will host.  I got the workshop and directions from Ginni Candeleria.   What a trip down memory lane for me as we played some of the games I did as a kid.  Do you remember the license plate game?!  Such fun to pass the time.  The map of the USA, is cut from the “You are Here” Cartridge.  Many of the images are cut from this cartridge. The nice thing about the album was the multiple games in the book, allowing you to move back and forth between games and not lose track of where you were at or scores!

Do you remember this game?  Slug Bug?  Now, I’m informed that it’s called “Punch Buggy”.  This could be a East Coast vs West Coast terminology.   With four spots to keep track of the score, it was a great deal of fun.  We did add in PT Cruisers and Mini Coopers to the count for more variety.  Who can turn down a game of Hangman?  The “Go” piece is in a 2″x 2″ flip flap.  You write your word under the flap. This ensure good “gamemanship” (if that’s a word).

Last one I’ll share with you is the “fill-in-the-blank” games.  Definitely worth a few laughs and then some!   SG would ask us for the words and then read us the stories.  They were so silly and fun.

If you want to make the album as shown, you’ll need to pick up the Adventure Fundamental Pack of Paper (low quantity left) and matching Compliments.  Both are retiring on August 31 so time is short.  Modifications will need to be made for the Picture My Life Cards as well as a few other things.  I’d highly recommend the Adventure Cardstock Pack as well so you have matching cardstock to help with modifications.

Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet and letting me take a little .  I hope you got to smile as you read about these games and had a trip down memory lane.  Computers, sumpters – games are still more fun in person!

Travel Activity Book

Travel Activity Book

I found this wonderful Travel Activity Book from my friend Ginni Candelera.  I got the workshop directions and when I realized I was running out of time to cut and make it before we departed from Maryland, I reached back out and was so blessed she had one kit left.  When SG went off on her first backpacking trip, I worked hard to get it done!   Here are a few of the pages to show you how cool it is.

The workshop uses the Adventure Fundamental Paper Pack which is scheduled to retire here in a few weeks.   The Cricut Cuts are from the You Are Here Cricut Cartridge (over 700 images on this).  We are driving all around Oregon over the next several days and this book has provided a great deal of entertainment for us.  The album is a “Everyday Life” album.


Here’s a quick YouTube I made showing some more of the pages.  Ginni has created a very fun book that is invaluable to anyone taking road trips with older kids (and even adults) to help pass the time:


More pages to come in later blog posts!

Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.  Stay tuned for the rest of the Travel Activity Book as we move around Oregon!  =)

Montana Memories

Montana Memories

Here’s some of our Montana Memories.  Certainly not all of them.  It’s so hard to leave family and friends and time went fast.   Missoula, Montana should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I’m sharing some of our new memories.  Looking forward to scrapping these memories and pictures.   My goal this year is to get more pictures off the hard drive and into books so we don’t loose the stories.  Here is some of the fun:


Yes, zip-lining!! It is scary to start off with and great fun once you learn that you are not going to fall.

One of my favorite things is playing in the creek.  I’m so glad SG loves this too.

Honey Dad hikes the mountain.  Jeff and SG with him, hiking.


SG, Uncle Travis, and Aunt Lauren went hiking to Sanders Hot Spring.  This was SG’s first backpacking and overnight.  She had a great time!

Aunt Julie and Cousin Jack came to visit.  A stop of the A Carousel for Missoula is a must as it’s one of the fastest carousels I’ve been on and the hand carved “ponies” are amazing!

Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.  Thank you all for being sweet friends of the crafty world.  Have a creative day!

Travel in Style

Travel in Style!

Boy, the last week has kicked my butt!  Between having the flu or stomach virus for a week plus the fridgid temps over here on the East Coast, I’ve been living in front of our pellet stove.  We are suppose to reach a warm, balmy 30 degrees F, a very welcome feel  vs the single digits with an even lower “feels like” and wind chill.  On to much more fun things.   It’s time to travel in style!

I love the look of these pieces. Chic.  And I love that they are a size that is manageable for a short person!  Let’s take a look at what these two bags hold.  First – paper.  “Have paper, will travel” is the motto for most scrapbookers.  Take this case and I use the word “case” because it’s stiff, not soft.  Not quite like a like a hard case suitcase but close.

Add this paper insert:

And you get this:

Be still my beating heart, right?  Paper to go in an “easy to access” set-up.  Keeps the paper save from being bent while in travel.  Depending how much you stuff in there.  No paper crafter I know would over-stuff the bag. You have to love it.

In the second bag, there is so many possibilities.  Look at this:

Swoon!!  We used to have these great organizer mesh bags many moons ago.  I treasure the ones I have, as well as the other pieces that go with it.  Now this is amazing.  Let’s look at these pieces.  First up – your on-the-go stamp case!

I only need to take a few stamps I’m using for projects when I go cropping.  I don’t need all of them. The plastic cases can stay at home and stay protected.  I’ve broken a few of the plastic boxes by dropping them.  =(  Next, your new marker holder for the Shin Touch Alcohol Markers (although most alcohol markers should fit in them):

Here’s the block organizer:

And the tool organizer:

This little cutie holds the new stamp pads:


Pretty sweet, right.  To make it easier on our backs to move things around:

Of course, good quality products are never cheap and CTMH has an answer for everyone.  Be a host and have a $350 Home Gathering and you can get this as a hostess bundle at 50% off!

Now is the time to contact me to host a catalog, Facebook, or in home gathering to be able to get this amazing collection through a Hostess bundle for 50% off!!  Check out this great YouTube CTMH did to walk you through the pieces:

Amazing!  Love it.  Gotta have it.  =)

January things to keep in mind:

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my creative world. Stay warm and get ready to travel in style!