Highlights of Oregon – Part 1

Highlights of Oregon – Part 1

Here are some highlights of the trip to Oregon so far.  More to come.  Such an amazing trip to see everyone.  It’s amazing how much the kids have grown.

Getting so much time at the beach was wonderful.  The South Coast of Oregon is really beautiful.  If one can take the time to drive Hwy 101 from California through Washington, you should.  The Pacific Coast offers so much between things to do and vistas to enjoy.

While I couldn’t catch up with everyone I’d have love to have seen, we had a nice get together at Sunset Beach

My friend Tracy and I, took the kids down to the West Coast Game Park and Devil’s Kitchen Beach in Bandon.

Another highlight is enjoying a wonderful dungeness crab.  It was amazing and a wonderful treat from my mother-in-law, Maureen.

Anyway, getting ready to start our trek back over to MD.  It’s been a wonderful three weeks, too short in some ways, and long in others (we miss our fur babies).  First stop will be a few days with my sister in Portland, OR.  =)

Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet and letting me take a little.  These are just a few highlights.  There’s a lot of scrapbooking in my future!!

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