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Say “Yes” to the Adventure!

Say “Yes” to the adventure! What have you got to lose? Nothing. It’s always a good time to sign up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant, but August 2019, is a REALLY awesome time to join with this sweet deal:

 During the month of August, you can become a consultant for just $35 with a No-Kit Enrollment option! They don’t offer this every often so you’ll want to take advantage of this, especially if you are a consultant returning to CTMH. You may not need a kit, just a freshen up on the kit.

You will receive $35 in CTMH Cash, absolutely free, just for signing up! Of course, once you are a consultant, you have the opportunity to earn money by selling our amazing products and will get a 22% discount on everything you purchase for yourself! The CTMH Cash is what you use to purchase eligible supplies. Plus, I’ve got my own incentive plan used to backup the CTMH Fast Start plan. We are going up adjust it a little for everyone who sign up with me in August! Let me tell you about my story first:

Years ago, I met Jeanette Lynton and decided to start my adventure with Close To My Heart. I started to have access to top quality products at a discount. You see, I’d been stamping since 1987. We were moving to Guam in a few months and I was worried I won’t have access to good supplies for my crafting.

Never did I envision the adventure I would be on the past 19 years. I’m so blessed that I said “Yes” to the adventure and did not miss out! I never meant for it to be a business. In fact, the best things from my adventure are the life-long friendships, amazing inspiration from my peers, and my discount on reliably, the best paper crafting products in the industry offers.

Because my husband was active duty, we have moved two times and there will be a third one at some point in time. We’ve had other life adventures like having a baby, parent’s ill/passing, to name a few. CTMH as always been flexible. It’s been a hobby when I needed to be and a business at other times. This is another blessing for us.

I love this pictures of the heart made with hands, above. At Convention, a few weeks ago, my upline, Naomi Smith (Leader of the Connected Hearts) had us make a heart shape with people and make a heart with our hands for the team picture. Here’s the Connect Hearts Team (Naomi is the leader and I’m on her front line).

You have a choice this month to join the adventure. You can choose the “No-Kit Option” – paying $35.00 and getting $35.00 of CTMH Cash to build your own collection to create with.

You can also choose the option of the full kit, $70.00, and you’ll receive $171 of product PLUS $50.00 of CTMH Cash to round out your kit!

Be one of the ones to say “Yes” to the adventure! I can tell you after 19 years, you won’t regret it!