Archives for December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

It’s a new year which means a whole new year of making memories!  Make all of those memories count by making commitment to capture your memories while you can remember them!! 

This year, my goal is to make SG a “Mother’s Legacy” album for her.  As some of you know, I’m an “older” mother, having my first and only at 40!  This means, for the sake of future planning, I may or may not be around after SG is 40 years old herself.  So my good friend Teresa L gave me this wonderful journal “A Mother’s Legacy” loaded with lots of great questions and journal starters to help me remember things to write down so SG will have them when I gone.  Seems to be a morbid plan, but we never know when our last day on Earth will be as we’ve found out this year.  I want to make sure I’ve written it down while I have a chance and can remember things!!  Watch for layouts to come through out the year as I design this!!

I’ll probably use some Studio J and add creative embellishments to it.  I love the speed and ease of this Program.

I’m working on these cute, cute valentine’s gifts for SG to give to her classmates! 

Aren’t they just precious???  Be sure to get yours before they are gone! I’m working on earning cruise points and I can earn extra points for every kit I sell!!  Check it out!!

Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day!!