Archives for December 27, 2012

Getting Back into the Swing of Things with Glitter!!

So as I’m recovering from surgery, I hobbled down to my office to play a little bit!  Bed rest sounds good for the first 3 days but you can go stir crazy quickly.   So I decided to play a bit with our glitter glues (X1769 – Bronze; Z1484 – Red; Z1313 – Stardust).  I played with make my own glitter paper and glitter accessories!

Add ink to the chip board – I used Champagne and Ruby here.

Then add your glitter gel glue!

Using a sponge, spread the glitter glue around.  Let dry.  Apply the second coat.  Let dry.  Add as many layers of glue as you need to get the look you want!!

With paper, you do the same.  Remember the paper will curl when wet.  Once dry, flatten!  Have a great time with this very, very easy tip!!