Craft With Heart Is Launching!

Craft With Heart Is Launching!


This is so exciting to have a monthly subscription ,which is focused on scrapbooking, launching this month to  start shipping in September!  If you  struggle with where to start with your own crafting or just need to ensure you get a few scrapbook pages done yourself, Craft with Heart is a wonderful solution!!  Check out these amazing kits coming up for the next 4 months:



These kits are Cut Above kits meaning that a lot of the work is done for you.  They are ready to be assembled when they reach your house.  Since you’ll have a heads up, you can even have pictures ready to go to put on the pages.  Pretty awesome, right?

How much you ask?

You have three Craft with Heart™ subscription options depending on how often you want to receive your Craft with Heart™ deliveries.

  • Monthly subscription: $17.95, plus $4.95 shipping, delivered monthly
  • 4-month subscription: $64.60 after 10% discount, plus $4.95 shipping, delivered three times a year
  • 12-month subscription: $172.32 after 20% discount, FREE shipping, delivered three times a year!  You get 30 free prints on this option as well.

In August, you can enroll for the year long subscriptions and receive all 4 kits right away.  In September, the 1 month and 4 month options will be available.  So hop on board and join us for the fun.  From the Linda Creates Special Peeps Facebook group, we’ll have events or mini groups each month to do these kits.  I’m super excited about trying this out!  How about you?  Here your chance to join the launch and be one of the first to get your kits!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


  1. Binnie Baumgartner says

    They need to do a card making subscription.

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