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Let’s Ride

The second Workshop Your Way (WYW) layout is “Let’s Ride”

IMG_2816 wm

It’s a simple layout where you can put plenty of pictures, especially when I add the flip flaps.  I have some pictures of SG and her Dad headed out on a bike ride that I plan to use on this one.

IMG_2818 wm

“Let’s ride” is from the Compliments.  I have to say, if you are not in the mood to stamp, the Compliments make your life 100% easier.  Add your title and a few other things from the packet and it times it all together.

IMG_2819 wm

On the right side, the journal block comes from the Picture My Life page.  Just cut it up and you have mats for pictures, journal blocks, and embellishments!  So easy.

IMG_2821 wm

Love this little banner!  The sequins and white twine are all a part of the WYW.  The Magical Sequins are great because the colors are primary and have some many different uses.  Remember, you can download the layouts and cutting instructions HERE.   While I like to be creative, sometimes I really like the ease and simplicity of the WYW.

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