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What type of scrapping are you?

Scrapping!  Wow I just got back from an awesome weekend of scrapping with some very neat ladies!  You know what I loved the most?  All the different ways that everyone expresses their creativity from simple to elaborate.  I’m in awe.  I was so glad I work with a company that has so many offerings.  Did you know CMTH has several different avenues to preserving your memories? If you feel you are not creative, you don’t have time, or it’s too expensive, we have options for you to preserve and celebrate the relationships in your life.

On the go?  Consider the My Crush for your scrapping.  Drop it in your purse and jot notes as you go.  Add memorabilia and pictures as you go.  CTMH provides some wonderful embellishments for these kits to take it up a notch if you want to.  Use our flip flaps to project the pictures and memorabilia.


Wildwood My Crush – click to check it out


In the Pink My Crush – click to check it out!

Want a cost effective method?  Consider Studio J – digital scrapping.  This program is a very affordable way to capture these memories.  The program is free to use and you pay when you have them print your pages! There are over 84 paper kits to choose from and amazing photo editing tools.  You can even print your own pictures from here, make cards, and invites!  Try it now!



Click to try Studio J Free


In a hurry, need to cut corners but still want to have it be more personal and hands on?  Try Picture My Life scrapping.  I was able to scrap 100+ pictures in 3 hours my first time using this program!!!  I’ve found uses for all the extra cards from adding them to my classically scrapped pages, to cards, and making mini-books with them.  Schedule your class today to learn how great and versatile this product is!



Slide your pictures and the Picture My Life cards into the sleeves….easy to scrape 100-250 photos in 3 – 6 hours!! Click to see your options!!



Love the classical scrapbooking and feel like you are not creative?  Want an easy project or something to make your life a little easier?  Try out our Workshops on the Go!  I offer one each month and this month is Wanderful and some Scaredy Cat Pages.


14-ai-wotg-wanderful-scrapbook-layout 14-ci-scaredy-cat-layoutSo whatever type of scrapping you want to do, whatever time you have, whatever budget you have, Close to My Heart has something to fit your needs.  I use all the products based on my project and life needs!  What’s your style? Post a response and share ~ I’d love to hear what you do to tell your story or your family’s story!

Creatively Yours!! www.lindacreates.ctmh. com 301.430.0606/437.8937

Tips on Thursday – Score Board

With the new Artfully Sent Card Cartridge, I’ve discovered you get to do a lot of scoring!!  This makes our new score board essential as it makes your live much easier.  You need to be able to fold clean, exact lines in order to make the cards well.  This tool is the BEST for this!!

score board  WM

Click on me to order!

The arm allows you to work with 12″x12″ paper.  The scoring tool stores on the side and is secure.  The lines are crisp and easy to fold.  Having this tool is a must with this cartridge!  Another plus, this board is very nice and compact for trekking around to crops.

Creatively Yours, www.lindacreates.ctmh. com 301.430.0606/437.8937

Artfully Sent #6 Pop-up Card

Playing with Artfully Sent is easy and fun!  With just the basic cuts and not doing anything fancy,the first card – a pop-up – looks like this:


The front of the card – ‘pop-up’ key with one of the icon silhouettes.


Inside liner of the card is cut with the same function key ‘pop-up’, shift 6. The silhouette is from the icon function key.

There is a direction book to use for assembly.  The card is so simple and beautiful!  Next time through, we’ll have to dress it up.  Stay tuned for the next Artfully Simple card!

Creatively Yours, www.lindacreates.ctmh. com 301.430.0606/437.8937

Artfully Sent – #6

I got my Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge in and wanted to  start playing.  It’s so exciting.   I let Sarah Grace pick a number, she choose “6” because it’s her age!  This key features the #6 for the font and cards about fashion, shopping, and more. We cut out all the possible options on “6” just to show you what you can cut out!


IMG_4031 - WM

I was able to cut out 8 different cards with this.  I used the negative or cut-outs of the letters/images from one card on other cards.  I was not really trying to be creative today as much as I was trying to see what we could cut out and what it would look like.  I love the silhouettes!  Check back tomorrow for more!

Creatively Yours, www.lindacreates.ctmh. com 301.430.0606/437.8937


Artfully Sent – check out what you get!

Opened up my Artfully Sent package!  It’s so exciting!  Here’s what you get:


AS box WM

Opening the box!

AS cart contents WP

Look at all the goodies! =)

The box has the cartridge, overlay, and two reference books!  700 images can be cut!!  250 card pieces + 150 small projects = 400 unique projects.  Wow.   This will keep you busy for a while.  It provides an assortment of envelopes and alphabet as well.

AS Font WM

The font that cuts out PLUS the stamp set for the font as well!

AS Frames WM

Love the frames to use with the next set

AS Sayings WM

Lots and lots of uses for this set from cards to scrapping!

These three sets of stamps are worth $17.95 before s/h/t for a value of $53.85.

I did not take a picture of the pack of White Daisy Cardstock (package of 24 sheets) and it’s value is $9.50 before s/h/t.

The Cricut Artfully Sent kit retails at $99.00 and it’s really an amazing deal when you consider all that comes with the cartridge!!  You receive $63.35 in stamps and paper plus a cartridge with 700 images!! When was the last time you purchased a Cricut cartridge with 700 images on it for basically $35.65?!?!  Everyone needs white cardstock so you know you’ll use this.  And if you don’t stamp, use the stamps as gifts for friends who do or resell them!!  You absolutely can’t go wrong with this purchase!!

Time to start playing!  I can’t wait!! Check back tomorrow to see what’s next!!

Creatively Yours, www.lindacreates.ctmh. com 301.430.0606/437.8937