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Studio J – $5.00!!

Check out Studio J this month!!  Did you know with the blank layout options or one of our Express Collections, you can print your pictures for your pages through this?  Because you control the photo well size, you can make any size prints you want on the 12×12 page!  You get two pages (1 layout) for $5.00 this month.  Studio J does not cost you anything to use.  You pay only when you print.  You can blow up pictures, crop pictures, do basic photo editing.  We use a professional lab – top of the line paper and ink just like professional photographers but we (customers) get it for a fraction of the cost!  You can fit 6 – 4″x6″ photos/12″x12″ page; total of 12-4″x6″ prints for $5.00.  I copied and pasted this from a professional lab:

 Professional Prints

Wallets (4)  $6

3.5×5      $3

4×6         $4

5×7         $8

8×10      $12

10×10    $14

10×13    $15

11×14    $20

16×20    $30

I will often “blow” up a picture in Studio J within a smaller well (like a 5″x”5 photo well) to about a 10×13…- that’ $15.00 for a 10×13 to crop to a 5×5 but with Studio J, I can blow it up and crop it right there, printing only what I need!!  What a fantastic value.  In addition, you can use the text boxes on the photo and be able to label or journal on the front of the photo if it looks good!!  It’s free to play and no obligation to purchase anything you made.  Check it out ~ Studio J!!

Watch this video to learn more!!

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