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Some notes from listening to Stacy Julien:

While many of us dwell mental conversations in our head, convincing ourselves we are not creative, creative expression is everywhere.  Schedule time each week to be creative in some way. Cooking, organizing, appreciating the world around you, getting inspired by what’s important and enjoyable in your life.

1) Solve your own problems.
2) Be curious 
3) Use your imagination
4) Take Risks
5) Don’t listen to critics (especially those in your head)
6) Practice Imperfection
7) Take care of you; Take care of your vision.

Creatively yours,

First step..

Hi everyone!

I’m over in Salt Lake City taking a great training/class on doing albums about ourselves.  I’m having to do the very uncomfortable part of writing about myself and documenting my life!  It was much hard than I thought it would be.  We had a guest speaker, Stacy Julian (Big Picture Classes).  We had heard Stacy speak at our National Convention last summer where she inspired me to start including myself into our scrapbooks.  I’m always taking pictures of everyone else and recording everyone’s else’s history, but not mine. 
Well, this weekend, I went off to Salt Lake City to start creating a Legacy Album to start telling my story so SG will have it when I’m not longer able to be here with her.  Here’s the start of my story:

I got a great book from a friend when I first had SG – “A Mother’s Legacy”.  It’s a journal full of questions to answer about yourself.  You are suppose to complete the journal for your  kids.  I’m going to continue my album using this book as a prompt!!  I’m so excited to step outside my comfort zone and learn to do this.  
More to come and classes too!! 

Creatively Yours,

Jump For Joy!!

YOU, the Hostess, ca n earn more rewards in March because when a
Gathering reaches $250 or more in sales, the hostess jumps up to the
next Hostess Rewards and Hostess Rewards Plus! levels.  This means more FREE supplies and more 1/2 price items!!  Now that’s a
reason to jump for joy!

*Shipping/handling and tax applies. Only Gatherings
with a total of $250 or more will qualify for the jump in Hostess
Rewards or Hostess Rewards Plus!. Qualifying hostesses will receive
Hostess Rewards from one level only—the level that is one higher than
their sales total.

Dates: Offer valid March 1–31, 2013.

Contact me to set your home gathering or online gathering (Includes Studio J orders)!!