Mess of a Desk Workspace Wonders

Mess of a Desk – Workspace Wonders


Does anyone have a desk that looks like this periodically?  Some of the time? Most of the time?  Always?  Sometimes I find “my space” is the “catch all space” where everything no one is sure of where it goes, puts it in my space.  About every two weeks I have dig myself out.   Can anyone else relate to this?

So I began to sort out things because my motto or theme for this year is “Just Do It”.  So instead of looking at it or shoving it somewhere else, I’m dealing with it.  So when this order came in and had some of my Workspace Wonders…what a sigh of relief.  Some direction.

I am so grateful for Workspace Wonder when they came out.  What a great, great idea and it helps so much to have spaces for the tools you use the most!  So I took the above and worked on getting into this:

Is it perfect?  Not yet.  Definitely doing it though.  Sorting out all that stuff so I can see and work.  Did you know that you can host a gathering and get a Workspace Wonder bundle 50% off?

What a fantastic deal!  Host your gathering – online/catalog show, Facebook show, or in-home gathering (your house or mine) and with a $250 gathering, you can get this as your 50% bundle!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to sort a pile or two in your workspace!

Washi Tape Storage Idea

Washi Tape Storage

I came across this great idea, especially after Christmas and all the gift wrapping for storing washi tape:

Talk about a great idea to reuse an old tape dispenser and have a great place for the washi tape.  Plus with the tape dispenser, you get the tear edge for easy tearing.  I can’t take the credit for this idea.  I picked it up off of one of the FB boards.  Another idea I’ll share quickly is this: Save all those Aluminum Foil and Saran Wrap boxes.  The washi tape fits right in and you have the metal tear strip for easy tearing.  Another great way to reuse or repurpose trash.  This also packs well for crops.  Hope you can make use of these great ideas.

Boxing Week Sale:

The new items today are:


It’s The Little Things:

Don’t for get “It’s The Little Things” special – these are great deals to stock up on for mini album projects or presents for folks.  These bundles are discounted so another great thing to get on sale!!

Mystery Hostess:

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Enjoy the washi tape holder ideas.  Have a great day!