Tips on Thursday – Score Board

With the new Artfully Sent Card Cartridge, I’ve discovered you get to do a lot of scoring!!  This makes our new score board essential as it makes your live much easier.  You need to be able to fold clean, exact lines in order to make the cards well.  This tool is the BEST for this!!

score board  WM

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The arm allows you to work with 12″x12″ paper.  The scoring tool stores on the side and is secure.  The lines are crisp and easy to fold.  Having this tool is a must with this cartridge!  Another plus, this board is very nice and compact for trekking around to crops.

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Artfully Sent #6 Pop-up Card

Playing with Artfully Sent is easy and fun!  With just the basic cuts and not doing anything fancy,the first card – a pop-up – looks like this:


The front of the card – ‘pop-up’ key with one of the icon silhouettes.


Inside liner of the card is cut with the same function key ‘pop-up’, shift 6. The silhouette is from the icon function key.

There is a direction book to use for assembly.  The card is so simple and beautiful!  Next time through, we’ll have to dress it up.  Stay tuned for the next Artfully Simple card!

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Artfully Sent – #6

I got my Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge in and wanted to  start playing.  It’s so exciting.   I let Sarah Grace pick a number, she choose “6” because it’s her age!  This key features the #6 for the font and cards about fashion, shopping, and more. We cut out all the possible options on “6” just to show you what you can cut out!


IMG_4031 - WM

I was able to cut out 8 different cards with this.  I used the negative or cut-outs of the letters/images from one card on other cards.  I was not really trying to be creative today as much as I was trying to see what we could cut out and what it would look like.  I love the silhouettes!  Check back tomorrow for more!

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The Transformation….happening

It’s really happening!  Last week the all day child care program closed and this week I’ve been taking down and sorting out the school room!  Why?  To make a crop/crafting room for us!  While it’s sad to change some things I’m so looking forward to having an open, organized (hahahaha for those of you who know me dearly – this is your laugh of the day), and welcoming place for us to meet and create.  It’s really exciting.    Here’s some pictures of the mess.  Stay tuned for more to come as we get ready to launch in August for the big Open House – August 16, 2014 from 1-4pm.


Main area for Circle Time – Reading Corner – Sensory Play


Sensory Table in action


Building block area


Art area and building block area….the shelves are leaving on Saturday am


This wall on the left will be a store where I’ll display current paper packs, compliments, and embellishments for sale. The store will be open by appointment in between crop times. The shelf/cabinet there on the left is also leaving on Saturday.


Diaper changing table has been converted to hold the Cricut station as well as all the stamps available for use. These will be open for use by croppers/crafters….Exciting!!


Circle Time area….wow….blank walls which will used to display different layouts and art.


More to come as we complete the transition.  Off to Ikea to get some tables for cropping!!