Consultant Support and Straight To The Top (STTT)

If you obtain your Straight To the Top (STTT), you will receive even MORE SPC, plus the four goodies:

STTT snip wmSTTT is designed to encourage, support, and motivate you during your first 90 days.  The STTT rewards are a mix of fun, business focused, and creative focused to help you out!

CTMH offers the following additional support:

  • Start from the Heart – a series of weekly emails to help get you started.
  • Online Training covering creative growth, business growth, and personal growth.
  • Bulletin Boards covering a variety of different topics for consultants to share and communicate through
  • Regional and Yearly events to training through Product Launches and Convention
  • Free shopping website
  • Free customer newsletter
  • Weekly Company Updates

I provide:

  • Reach $300.00 of sales in your first 30 days and you’ll receive $50.00 SPC from me (not CTMH and only if you are in my first downline – signed directly under me)
  • 1:1 coaching
  • exclusive FB group only for my 1st downline (signed directly under me) for incentives and goodies only for my 1st DL!
  • WWSTampettes team FB group for my downline 1-4
  • Monthly FREE cropping times for you to work on your projects
  • Swaps to help you get samples to showcase products