Workshops Gallery

Workshops Gallary:

These workshop guides are available from me, for free, when you have made a minimum purchase of $25.00 of product through my shopping website.   Orders must be placed online.   Everyone who orders $25. or more is eligible even if you are ordering on a friend’s home gathering.  When you provide me your list, please indicate the following: Author, Paper Pack, Scrapbooking or Cardmaking! Example: Dana K – Jack -Scrapbooking or Studio Sus Falling For You Cards. TIA.  This does not include all the workshop guides I have at my disposal.  Please see Workshops Available Page for the current catalog workshops and my customer FB group to view the entire collection.


All of these workshops are copyrighted by the creators. My consultant release means I can give them to you under certain parameters (you purchase so much, take a workshop, ect). You receive them electronically for personal use only. If friends or other consultants want the guide, please do not share it. Please refer them back to me to get it in the same fashion you did. I love the arrangement I have with these ladies and love being able to give you some amazing workshops to do in addition to the ones CTMH provides us as a thank you for your loyalty to me as well as being able to help you get your creating done.


Please note that while I’ve provided you a list of all the products needed to create these workshops, some of the products are going to be retired. However, all the guides can be transferred to use with any paper pack for pattern purposes.

We will not have the current papers workshops up immediately so if you see paper you like, there will be workshop or two coming by the end of the catalog. Buy the papers now. Let me know you are waiting for the workshop. If you find something you absolutely LOVE, check with me to see what I have in my cash/carry and I can search with my consultant friends to see if anyone has stock.


Purchasing products from another consultant will not get you these guides. I have purchased them from Susan, Dana, Chris, and/or CTMH and can share them with my customers, for free, when you take the workshop with me or purchase the products, online, from me.   To view better pictures of the available workshops, please join my customer FB group:  Linda Creates Special Peeps.